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How to apply for a Wise physical card domestically


1. Precautions#

First of all, you need a passport and a stable UK node

The former is for KYC certification, and the latter is to prevent your account from being flagged due to network environment issues.

The former is a must-have, so if you don't have one, there's no need to continue reading. The latter requirement is more flexible, as long as your network environment is clean and stable.

As for the advantages of the Wise card, these two articles are enough:

2. Card Application and Process#

If you are not interested in a physical card, you can skip to the Wise registration and card application section. If you want a physical card, it is recommended to read the entire article.

Process for applying for a virtual card:

Register for a Wise account -> KYC certification -> Deposit -> Apply for a virtual card

Process for applying for a physical card:

Register for a forwarding company -> Register for a Wise account -> KYC certification -> Deposit -> Apply for a physical card -> Forward to your home country

3. Core Part#

In the two processes mentioned in the second point, the repeated part is actually the most difficult. So as long as you solve

Register for a Wise account -> KYC certification -> Deposit

at least your Wise account can be used.

Since I have already registered with Wise and passed the KYC certification, I cannot register for a second time (I think?).

I cannot demonstrate and register again here, so I recommend everyone to read an article that is very detailed.

But before reading it, let me mention some necessary precautions:

  • Make sure to use your real name as it appears on your identification document (very important)
  • You can choose the country as the United Kingdom, and it will not affect the verification with a +86 phone number (but it is still better to use a phone number from a supported region)
  • You can choose to fill in your address with a domestic address, but if you need to forward a physical card, it is recommended to directly fill in the address provided by the forwarding company to avoid being flagged
  • You can find various merchants for deposits, or you can use a virtual card for transfers, but make sure the source of funds is legal and legitimate, otherwise your account may be flagged

Recommended reading:

May 2023 Personal Wise Registration Tutorial (with pictures)

4. Forwarding the Physical Card#

After solving the core part, applying for a virtual card is very simple, so I won't write about it.

Let's talk about the forwarding company and address required for applying for a physical card. I used UK Postbox.

I also recommend an article that provides a detailed tutorial with screenshots. First, some precautions:

  • Fill in the address with a domestic address after registration, and make sure to fill it in English, do not use the search function. Because the customer service will ask you to modify it to an English address, and you won't be able to log in to your account due to registration failure, creating a dead end.
  • After registration, you will be provided with two addresses: a Postal address and a Parcel address. Please make sure to fill in the address for the delivery of the physical card in the first Postal address, filling in the second address will result in rejection.
  • If you accidentally filled in the Parcel address and got rejected, don't worry. Contact the customer service online and request to upgrade your account's plan to the €10 per month Street Address Plan, and then ask the customer service to change the abnormal status of the package to normal status, so you can choose the forwarding method.
  • The recommended shipping method is International Letters - Royal Mail - Tracked and Signed For (PC) - Large Letter, which provides detailed tracking numbers and allows you to check the logistics status.
  • Similarly, if you want to downgrade your plan, contact customer service (their response to free plan users is really slow).

Recommended reading:

UK Postbox: Tutorial on using UK virtual address and forwarding service

5. Receiving the Card#

The service of the Royal Mail in the UK is very good. After it is forwarded to China, it will be delivered by EMS. You can use the same tracking number to check the logistics status on the EMS app or mini program.

Here is a picture of receiving a package.


The second card is also on its way.


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