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Apple Watch S7 User Experience


I hesitated for a long time when I ordered the Apple Watch S7 before the Chinese New Year. I read a lot of reviews, including text and video, but still couldn't make up my mind. Later, I thought since there is a 14-day return policy, I can just return it if I'm not satisfied. So I ordered the S7 with a trial mindset.

Of course, the result was that I didn't return it. It's hard to describe the feeling the Watch gives me in a few words. I can't say it's absolutely good, but it's not without its merits. From the bottom of my heart, I really like this little thing, but I also feel that it falls a bit short of my expectations. Ultimately, I am quite satisfied with this product, and below are some detailed experiences/understandings/issues.

Why Choose S7#

Originally, I considered the S6 and SE for cost-saving reasons. Before buying, I went to the offline store to take a look and felt that the S7 had a larger screen and looked much better than the S6 and SE. Later, I received a bonus, so I decisively ordered the 45mm S7.

Now that I have been using it for a long time, I feel that the difference between the S7 and S6, SE is not as big as I imagined. If the budget is not sufficient, you can consider buying the older models. As I mentioned earlier, the S7 excels in screen-to-body ratio (appearance) and the new generation chip and battery life.

Do I Need Cellular Data?#

I discussed this with the Apple Store staff, and the conclusion is: if you need to exercise without your phone, you can consider getting the cellular version. Most people don't have this need, so many customers buy the non-cellular version. After using it for such a long time, I also feel that the regular version is sufficient. If you are a running enthusiast, you can consider upgrading to the cellular version to enhance the experience.


Overall Evaluation#

There's nothing much to say about the appearance of the S7. It is the most impressive in the current Watch series, with a high screen-to-body ratio and better screen material. However, there will be a spring event at 2 a.m. on March 9th, so I'm looking forward to the new Watch.

Strap Selection#

The strap that came with the purchase was a silicone strap, which is already good enough. But when the weather is hot, my wrist tends to sweat, and the silicone strap can feel a bit sticky. So I later switched to a Milanese stainless steel strap, which provides an excellent experience. Please make sure to buy the genuine stainless steel strap from the official website. There is a huge difference compared to the trashy ones on Taobao. It's best to personally try on the straps at an offline store before making a purchase.


Hardware Basics#

Battery Life#

Even with animations, noise detection, and other power-consuming features turned off, it still needs to be charged once a day. But the charging speed is fast, and it can reach around 95% from low battery in about 2-3 hours. If I charge it fully at night and wear it to sleep until the next morning, it can maintain around 80% battery life for a day of new adventures.

Scratch Resistance#

For reference only. I have been using it on my dominant hand for nearly 4 months, and there are no visible scratches on the screen, nor any signs of paint chipping on the body.

Water Resistance#

I bought it in winter, so I haven't tested it for swimming. But it's completely fine for everyday activities like washing hands, cooking, and cleaning. It has no impact at all.


The best experience the Watch gives me is its linear motor, which provides a very comfortable vibration. As for other features, I think it's better to discuss them in specific usage scenarios, as it depends on individual needs. This is also the most exploratory part of this article, which is: What can we actually do with the Apple Watch?

Watch Faces#

The watch face is the most closely integrated part of Watch's information and the most direct way for us to get information from the Watch.

Apple provides many types of watch faces for users to choose from, but I think a large part of them are not good enough in combining aesthetics and practicality. Currently, I'm using the Unity Lights face, which I believe is the best-designed watch face Apple has created so far. As the name suggests, it has interplay of light and shadow, allowing you to quickly see the time and display the data you want to see in the four corners.



I think the notification feature of the Watch is not well-executed. Sometimes it acts up, for example, when several contacts send you WeChat messages, it will stay on the first message until you manually dismiss it, even if you have already raised your wrist. Although this may prevent missing messages due to accidental movements, I really don't like it.


If you have the Fitness Rings enabled, the Watch can be a great reminder. It will constantly remind you to move or check if you have reached your fitness goals for the day. It can even meet various reminder needs through various apps.

The idea is great, but the reality... I used it for a week to remind me to drink water on time, but it kept interrupting my work rhythm/thought process, so I decided not to use this feature anymore. It's really annoying.


Please use the Watch as your wake-up alarm.

This is probably the biggest improvement in happiness that the Watch brings. The feeling of being woken up by it every morning is like someone gently tapping you, and the comfort level is something only those who have experienced it would know. Of course, there are also downsides, such as it's so comfortable that it's easy to turn off and oversleep.


Many people don't understand this timer function, but it's the most frequently used feature for improving my focus. By using the Pomodoro Technique, I set a 15-minute timer to maintain a high level of focus for studying or working. It really boosts efficiency.

P.S. I have replaced the PM2.5 display in the bottom right corner of the watch face with a timer, making it convenient to enter a study mode anytime, anywhere.


Although the calling feature of the Watch may seem unnecessary, it is indeed a useful feature. I had this idea based on a few scenarios:

  1. When driving. My car doesn't have CarPlay, but with a single click on the Watch, I can make calls with moderate volume and clear sound.

  2. When both hands are busy and it's inconvenient to hold the phone. For example, one time I was cooking and my phone was in the living room, so I could make calls directly through the Watch.

Maybe the above scenarios don't resonate strongly, but when you find yourself in such situations, you will truly appreciate it.


During navigation, the Watch vibrates at every turn. Even after I bought a phone holder and installed Carlife, I still love this feature. It provides an indescribable sense of reliability.

Future Expectations for the Watch#

  1. Improve battery life a bit. A day of battery life is really not enough, especially when there are many notifications, and you can clearly feel the battery drain.

  2. More watch faces. Many watch faces may look fancy and have many functions or look good, but their practicality is not high. The Watch is a piece of jewelry, but it is not just a piece of jewelry. It needs better functional support and interactive experience.

  3. Optimize the notification experience. By optimizing the algorithm, unimportant messages can be recognized at a glance and automatically hidden.

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