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An experience of ordering prescription lenses online



The practical experience in this article mainly refers to an article from the website "少数派" (

Recently, I bought a new pair of glasses frames, so lens fitting became a major issue. However, after searching on various e-commerce platforms, I found that the prices of lenses generally exceeded my budget, especially the lenses from the brand "罗敦司得家" (Luodunsi). They have limited options and are expensive.

Out of curiosity, I went to a physical store to have my eyes tested and also checked the prices there. It turned out that the prices in the store were even higher than those online (generally 30% to 50% higher). The eyewear industry is really profitable!


Later, by chance, when chatting in a group, a friend told me about a cost-effective lens fitting method, which was the same as the one mentioned in the article from "少数派". This greatly increased my confidence, so I decided to try fitting lenses on

Lens Fitting Goals#

  1. The lens should be mid to high-end.
  2. It should have a high cost-performance ratio.
  3. It should guarantee authenticity.
  4. It should perfectly match my eye data.

Considering the first two points, I finally chose the Zeiss ZEISS Smart Lens. At first, I was hesitant between Zeiss and Luodun, but later I found that Luodun lenses have the following disadvantages:

  • Compared to Zeiss, they are more expensive, and the positioning of the P series lenses is too small. The price increase for each level of parameter upgrade is not proportional.
  • Luodun lenses have not been updated for a long time, while Zeiss Smart Lens is a new product in recent years.
  • It is troublesome to verify their authenticity, unlike Zeiss lenses, which are accurate and convenient.

After deciding on the brand and model, I added blue light protection parameters based on my own needs, and finally chose the Zeiss Smart Lens Asia Edition, which supports customized parameters.


Mini Program Appointment#

I searched for nearby stores on the WeChat mini program "Zeiss Vision", made an appointment, and went there.

Since it is an authorized Zeiss store, it is usually located in relatively large eyewear stores, and there are not many people. There is no need to worry about the qualifications of the optometrist as they are professional enough.

Types of Optometry and Fees#

There are two types of optometry fees: basic optometry, priced at 60; and comprehensive optometry with Vision 6+6, priced at 100. Considering the small price difference, I chose comprehensive optometry. After the optometry, I found that the difference between the two types was not that big.

However, if you need customized lenses, it is still recommended to go for comprehensive optometry to ensure that the customization is not wasted.


The optometry process lasted for about half an hour, and the optometry report was given on the spot. One advantage of comprehensive optometry is that it measures parameters when wearing the glasses frame (such as tilt angle), but unfortunately, the measured data can only be saved on Zeiss' server. There is no paper report, so I could only take photos with my phone to save it.




Customized Lenses#

  1. Choose a store on and place an order for the desired lens type.
  2. Provide the optometry report to the seller and inform them whether customized lenses are needed.
  3. Send the glasses frame to the seller and wait for the processing to be completed.
  4. The seller will send back the glasses after the processing is completed, and the process is finished.

Two Points to Note#

  1. If customized lenses are needed, it is necessary to communicate with the seller in advance, as some sellers may ignore the parameters you provide due to the hassle.
  2. Confirm whether the original factory processing is included as a gift. If the store does not provide original factory processing, additional processing fees will be required.


Here, I specifically confirmed the verification process with the seller to ensure my own safety. However, this seller is very responsible, and the whole process was very pleasant from start to finish.

After the seller received the glasses frame, they confirmed the parameters of the glasses with me again. After confirming, they said there was no problem, and all that was left was to wait for the processing.



The seller received the glasses frame on December 7th and sent me a message on December 23rd saying that the processing was completed and had been shipped via express delivery.


The processing time is usually guaranteed to be around 7-15 days.


There are three ways to verify the authenticity of the product. If all three methods can guarantee complete consistency, there is basically a 95% chance that there are no issues.

Processing Order#

Using the original factory processing order number provided by the seller, I contacted the customer service of "Zeiss Vision" and requested to check the processing order number. The result should be compared with my own order.


Anti-counterfeiting QR Code#

Similarly, using the "Zeiss Vision" mini program, I scanned the anti-counterfeiting QR code in the health record and entered the data. I compared the parameters, and if the parameters are the same and there is a certified symbol, then I can rest assured.


UV Anti-counterfeiting of the Lens#




From September to the end of December, after nearly four months of waiting, all the glasses were finally configured.

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